Lucky to Live in Montana March 21 2017

With St. Patrick's Day approaching, we thought it'd be nice to express our gratitude and pay a tribute to (406) by naming  few of the many reasons we feel lucky to live in Montana.


1. Mountains everywhere! : SO much exploring and adventuring to do. So many places to see.

2. Low population: Montana was ranked 44th most popular state... We are doing a good job of keeping this big ass state on the down low, but it's so wonderful that we can't help but brag!  


3. With low population comes small community vibes: Montana is full of farmers markets, street dances, fairs, rodeos and more! Our state loves to spread and share the love! 

4. Friendly locals: Have a flat tire? How about a handful of groceries? Need directions? Some of the nicest folks live in Big Sky country. Someone is always willing to lend a helping hand.

5. Four seasons: Sure, our weather is unpredictable, but we get our fair share of rain, sunshine, changing leaves and white fluffy snow. 

6. With the season change comes an array of outdoor activities: Skiing, snowboarding, skating, running, hiking, rock climbing... Something for everyone to enjoy.

Our state may be less populated, but we like to think of it as a private island. Our community is strong and our people are full of soul. 

If you're visiting, welcome to paradise. If you're a local, welcome home.