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Go Bamboo! April 29 2019

You may have twiddled a pair of bamboo chopsticks or stepped across a bamboo floor but have you ever had this delicate fabric surrounding your skin? Next time you shop downtown or (shame on you) scroll through the pages of Amazon, be on the lookout for this alternative textile. Bamboo is a wonderfully abundant plant and grows extremely quickly! Some species are known to grow three feet in a single day which makes this resource one of the most renewable on our planet.

At The Green Light, we proudly carry Yala and Spun Bamboo products. Yala is a company committed to dressing the ladies of the world in their delicate, soft and functional fabrics. Wear the Iona Infinity Scarf on a colder sunny day to compliment your neckline while providing protection against the weather and harmful UV rays emanating from that giant radiating globe in the sky. We also have Yala’s Tatum Short Wrap which is perfect for tossing over a sun dress when a late evening chill sweeps through the streets. The Spun Bamboo socks are durable, comfortable and come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Wear your clothing for as long as possible but when a bamboo garment is beyond patchable repair, toss it in your garden bed and watch the material biodegrade right back into the earth. Or simply put it in a compost bin.

Stop Using Plastic... Use Envirosax! (& reuse, & reuse, & reuse) March 18 2019

Using plastic bags without recycling or reusing them is about as cool as tossing an empty beer can out of the window as you drive down a back road, singing along to the newest Weezer album. Sadly, many plastic bags end up rotting their 1,000 year life-span away in a landfill surrounded by other one-use items or else tumbling over in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch day after day, threatening the well-being of our already suffering oceans and their innocent occupants.

Our society can be disgustingly wasteful at times so be sure to do your part amid the plastic revolution to ensure your footprint is as unremarkable as possible. We have many options for reusable bags in our store, one of our favorites being Envirosax!

Envirosax’s eye-catching designs are crafted with your style and coolness in mind, so not only will you get compliments on your kindness towards our Mother but you will undoubtedly receive a couple of brownie points from your fad-fancied friends strutting the sidewalk or from the checkout guy at Orange Street Food Farm as you unravel your fashionable, spunky and sensible Envirosax grocer bag.

Carry your groceries proudly and make sure everyone knows you live a tier above those one-time-use plastic bag toting degenerates walking between store and vehicle with a burden of shame heavier than anything you can fit into a bag. Speaking of which, these Envirosax bags have been tested to carry 44lbs without popping a stitch! They are strong, durable, lightweight and water-resistant.


Thanks to our mysterious and versatile name, we here at The Green Light have occasionally been mistaken for a medical marijuana dispensary. While I can admit to periodically grazing through the Green Giant’s backyard myself, the only thing we're rolling up in this store are Envirosaxs! When your bag is not in use, roll it up and clip it shut before tossing it back into your purse, satchel, fanny-pack, glove compartment, cup holder, kitchen drawer, or, for those lacking a certain trait of basic organization, onto the backseat of your eternally untidy car.


The Envirosax Grocer Bag is only $9.95 at The Green Light! We have many eye-pleasing designs to choose from so come in and see the stunning visuals for yourself. Support local business and stock up on reusable grocery bags to avoid judgmental looks from grocers, baggers, and tree-huggers alike.