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Fashion a Better Wold April 23 2018

Spring is here. Soon Summer will be upon us and it will be too warm to wear anything besides a dress.
I love dresses. I own a lot of them. I can almost always find another reason to buy a new dress. Especially when I find a dress that has pockets, a great fit, and a unique style an print. Mata Traders has dresses that fit all of these categories and more. Every time we get a shipment from Mata Traders I find my self (along with the other ladies I work with) longing to try all the new styles and to purchase them ASAP. 



But, these dresses are more than cute. They are good. Mata Traders does more than make beautiful clothing. They also change lives (kinda cheesy but its true). They are a Fair Trade company that works with impoverished countries to help provide a living wage and way out of the poverty cycle. 

"A love affair with India has evolved into Mata Traders – a design driven, fair trade brand helping to end global poverty and inspire ethical companies and consumers to change the fashion industry. " (Mata Traders)

This company began with the harsh understanding of how much of poverty impacts much of Nepal and India. The creators of Mata Traders work with 6 different organizations to provide living wages, health benefits, and a sense of community to women throughout India and Nepal. These women gain skills, have the ability to move up in the company, and they progress outside of their workplace in a way that helps progress gender equality in societies that are stratified.

Mata Traders has helped encourage these women to learn a the a learn and perfect a craft that is heavy with tradition. Block printing and embroidery have been apart of the cultures in Nepal and India for a long time. These are time intensive arts; from carving the wood blocks and making the dyes, to hand stitching intricate designs. Machines have taken many of these skilled laborer jobs throughout the world, leaving the ancient traditions of these crafts to be lost. When Mata Traders began enouraging their workers to embrace their heritage while getting a living wage these women started to flourish. From the friendships they create inside the factories to the free eye screening tests they are provided. Mata Traders is changing lives and communities all while providing adventurous and stylish humans to wear beautiful hand crafted skirts, dresses, and tops.

The Green Light loves to support companies like Mata Traders. We know that our money and our customers' money is going towards the living wage, education, health, and families of women in impoverished areas. This company also helps prevent child labor. By provides mothers a way to stay home to take care of their children and earn a wage at the same time (the women are encouraged to sew garments in their homes). By doing this, the children are able to go to school, play, and eat regular meals. This is beneficial to entire societies as it helps to break the cycle of poverty. 

We carry many of their prints and styles and we love all of them. 


For more information please visit Mata Trader's website:






First Spring Shipments April 01 2014

Yes!  The first of our spring shipments have steadily started coming in over the past couple of weeks.  Western floral button-ups, camo boyfriend shirts, lightweight hoodies, Fair Trade dresses, skirts of all styles, wraps, and colored men's slouch trousers.  All of our apparel is either made from organic, sustainable or re-purposed materials, made in the USA or Fair Trade.  Look for more great items!