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March's Featured Artist March 04 2014

Green Light's Featured ArtistFirst Fridays in downtown Missoula are dedicated to the local talent and many of the shops and art galleries feature an individual or group.  During these special events, The Green Light has showcased musicians, painters, photographers, multi-media artists, and clothing designers.  We even hosted a calendar-signing event for our local roller derby girls!

Our featured artist for  March is Blackfoot oil painter, Lauren Monroe.  Being a self-taught visual artist, he paints images from his cultural background, often including many typical Plains Indian-style motifs.  Lauren primarily works with an acrylic medium, but does use some water color.  His images range from traditional style to more abstract pieces.  Lauren has only been showing his art for about a year, but has received a great reception.  Growing up on the Blackfeet Reservation, Lauren has decided to focus on his art and working for his tribe before continuing his education at the University of Montana to major in English Literature.