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Choose friendship April 18 2017

One of the biggest compliments that we receive from our visiting customers is that Montana is wonderful because of the people that live here. We often hear "you're all just so friendly!" We agree, and we love the reputation that our state has built.

Yesterday afternoon a lovely young woman visited the green light and I offered to put her luggage safely behind the front desk while she did some browsing. She explained that she would normally turn down my offer had she been in her home town; that it wouldn't be safe. She said she felt safe here, in Montana. While walking in the dark one evening during her stay, a couple of strangers offered to keep her company and walk her to her car. She told me she was so taken back by Missoula's beauty and the kindness she had been given, that when it came time to pack for her flight back home, she looked outside and began to cry.

At the green light, we believe in connecting with people. We believe in lending a hand. We believe in friendship. You never know how much of a difference you can make in someones life, just by being in it. So, get to know your neighbor, hold the door for the person behind you, wave hello, smile and know that the small choices we make, are often the ones that make a big difference.



Pictured here are two of our junior models; Amelia and Beasju. What started as a fun photoshoot for our beautiful printed dresses by Mata Traders, ended up blossoming into a life-changing friendship.


Mata Traders For Everyone August 27 2014

Mata Traders has always been dedicated to providing fair trade jobs in a

variety of countries. In addition, these one of a kind designs are always

constructed from self-sustainable material, combining piece of mind with

comfort. These new dresses won't last long so come find the perfect Mata

Traders for you.

New Styles From Mata Traders July 31 2014

We have a great new selection of Dresses from Mata traders. They are

moving fast so if you see something you love act fast.


Mata Trader Garments are all handmade. Designs are based on artistic

traditions such as embroidery, and block-printing. Most importantly, all Mata

Traders Garments are fair trade providing sustainable jobs for people all

over the world.

Introducing Jayli Clothing June 27 2014

Jayli Imports is a small family owned business. Jayli began, as we say, "Out of the Dust of the Dead".

The journey first started after Jay, from Northern California, met Liora, from Cape Town, South Africa, in India, while both were travelling the world. Soon after, Jayli was born. We started out by selling our wares at farmers markets and Grateful Dead shows. Before we knew it, we had our first wholesale account and we grew from there.  We still attend and sell our designs at festivals across the West Coast each summer, mainly because we enjoy it so much, as do our two young daughters.

Getting Ready For Summer June 09 2014

Summer is finally here, and so are new styles from your favorite sustainable brands. Currently, our summer dress selection is exceptional. New styles from Eco Skin, Mata Traders, Threads For Thought, and Ethos cover a variety of bases from casual to elegant. Whether your looking for a dinner outfit, or need something fun to show off in the park, The Green Light has a summer style for you. Versatility is the word around the store right now. We have so many dynamic styles that can either change their fit with little time, or simply reverse for a quick color change.