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March's Featured Musician March 04 2014

Our featured musician for February and March is an up and coming young female out of Spokane, Washington.  Maiah  is just 16-years old, a singer, songwriter, pianist, and guitarist.  She focuses mainly on the Indie Pop and Folk genres, but loves all types of music and performs awesome covers!  CDs are available for sale at The Green Light for $10.


Maiah's Bio

"I have always had an admiration and passion for art, especially music and film. I have been acting in movies since I was just five years old, and I will be the lead actress in the upcoming movie "Feral".  When I was three, I began to learn the piano. Since then I have taught myself how to play the guitar, bass, mandolin, drums, ukulele, and the banjo. Music is the only way I know how to express myself... it is the most honest part about me. I have been writing my own music for five years now and I have discovered that there is a dark and light side to my music, just like there is a dark and light side to everything that lives and breathes on this earth.

I play many different genres as I try to broaden my musical taste and ability, however, many people have said my music is similar to "Regina Spektor", "Lorde", "Florence and the Machine", and “Norah Jones”."