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Celebrate Pi Day with a Pizza Night! March 14 2019

When was the last time you had a pizza night with your friends? It is a great time to get creative, crafting one-of-a-kind pies while trying out unique combinations that normally wouldn’t grace the menu of Bridge, Biga or your own local favorite. At The Green Light, we have a great selection of Pizzacraft products to help you create and serve your own pizzas. In our kitchen section, you will find dough rollers, pizza cutters, recipe books, baking stones, round cutting boards and more!

Why should you have a pizza night? Here are a few reasons why…

Express Those Creative Juices!

You get to be the chef so create a unique pizza with bold flavors daring to cross into unknown culinary territory. It will either be the hit of the party or chewed politely before the remainder somehow ends up in the dog's bowl. Take inspiration from the controversial combination of ham and pineapple and try something exotic. Ever had a chicken and apple pizza? How about almond and mango? There is no wrong way to make a pizza so try out different blends of toppings, sauces and cheeses.


It’s Adaptable for Any Diet

We all have the friends who are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, lactose-intolerant, or just plain picky. Avoid the hassle of finding a menu that caters to all needs and preferences by improvising your own. Make a gluten free dough to satisfy the stomach of the celiac while still impressing the taste buds of the rest. Who says a pizza needs to have cheese on top of it? As the selective vegan that I am, cheese no longer sits well in my stomach so I usually go for a slice of pie that forgoes the cheese buffer, preferring my vegetables to interact directly with the tomato sauce.


Spice It Up

Have everyone bring a couple choice ingredients; toppings and sauces. Make your pizza bases small and put a few in the oven at a time. While those are cooking, prepare your next round of entries. Slice them small enough so everyone can have at least a couple of bites. If it’s a big hit, make it again! Be sure to save room for a desert pizza; use a hazelnut spread as the sauce, (we recommend Nutella) topping it off with chopped nuts and white chocolate morsels. Or take it in the opposite direction and make a breakfast pizza with cheese, eggs, bacon, onion and potatoes!


Party Favors

Bring along a Stasher Bag to take some leftovers home. These reusable, silicone storage bags come in various sizes and you can reheat the food directly in them! Bee’s Wrap is one of our favorites here at la luz verde. It is perfect for wrapping up a few slices or packing away a dollop of unused dough. We also carry reusable wine bags from Mixt Studios. These colorful Tyvek sewn bags are great for presenting a bottle to your host; leave the bag with them so they can regift it to another!


Hungry yet? I know I am.

Enjoy a pizza night with some of your favorite people to celebrate the end of winter! Come in and we can help you on your way to creating a little Italy in your kitchen. We are open 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday and Noon-4pm on Sunday. I'm still catching up on sleep after losing that precious hour over the weekend, but am looking forward to longer days to come.