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Happy Earth Day!! April 22 2019

Happy Earth Day! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day celebrating our planet because she deserves all the recognition we can offer. It has been a chilly and difficult winter but today is easily one of the nicest days of the year! We have not been too busy at the store today so I can only hope that y’all are out soaking up sunshine and replenishing your doubtlessly low Vitamin D stores.

Though our environment is suffering from our relentless onslaught of fossil fuel extraction, diffusion and exploitation we must remain positive when facing the future while considering all possible outcomes, terrible or great. Anything that can be done should be done and most causes are fought closer to home. Here in Missoula I believe we should continue to push the progressiveness of not only this state but also the nation.

Bike to work and walk downtown. Leave your car in the driveway and utilize free public transit. Support local businesses and vendors. Though most things can be bought off the web and delivered right to your front door does not mean they should be. Take advantage of the great shops and we are lucky to house here in town and get to know your neighbors.

The sun is out and you should be too. Distract yourself from the infinite queue of internet television and go hike some of the spectacular trails around town. Leave your phone at home and notice the clouds. Listen for birds and witness the sunset. There is no day as great as today. Love our planet and marvel in the magnificence of life.