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Go Bamboo! April 29 2019

You may have twiddled a pair of bamboo chopsticks or stepped across a bamboo floor but have you ever had this delicate fabric surrounding your skin? Next time you shop downtown or (shame on you) scroll through the pages of Amazon, be on the lookout for this alternative textile. Bamboo is a wonderfully abundant plant and grows extremely quickly! Some species are known to grow three feet in a single day which makes this resource one of the most renewable on our planet.

At The Green Light, we proudly carry Yala and Spun Bamboo products. Yala is a company committed to dressing the ladies of the world in their delicate, soft and functional fabrics. Wear the Iona Infinity Scarf on a colder sunny day to compliment your neckline while providing protection against the weather and harmful UV rays emanating from that giant radiating globe in the sky. We also have Yala’s Tatum Short Wrap which is perfect for tossing over a sun dress when a late evening chill sweeps through the streets. The Spun Bamboo socks are durable, comfortable and come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Wear your clothing for as long as possible but when a bamboo garment is beyond patchable repair, toss it in your garden bed and watch the material biodegrade right back into the earth. Or simply put it in a compost bin.