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Stoneymoon Jewelry by Kaya Juda Nelson April 19 2017

Montana is the home to so many creative and lovely humans. We feel very fortunate to showcase the work of our locals; and sometimes we are lucky enough to carry the artwork of our friends.
Miss Kaya Juda-Nelson of Stoneymoon Jewelry has crafted these gorgeous copper and bronze necklaces and earrings with precious stone accents.
We love you, Kaya; and we love your jewelry.
Come check out these one of a kind pieces along with a handful of others. Now in at our funky little store.
Photos by : Erika Lyn Spaulding

Choose friendship April 18 2017

One of the biggest compliments that we receive from our visiting customers is that Montana is wonderful because of the people that live here. We often hear "you're all just so friendly!" We agree, and we love the reputation that our state has built.

Yesterday afternoon a lovely young woman visited the green light and I offered to put her luggage safely behind the front desk while she did some browsing. She explained that she would normally turn down my offer had she been in her home town; that it wouldn't be safe. She said she felt safe here, in Montana. While walking in the dark one evening during her stay, a couple of strangers offered to keep her company and walk her to her car. She told me she was so taken back by Missoula's beauty and the kindness she had been given, that when it came time to pack for her flight back home, she looked outside and began to cry.

At the green light, we believe in connecting with people. We believe in lending a hand. We believe in friendship. You never know how much of a difference you can make in someones life, just by being in it. So, get to know your neighbor, hold the door for the person behind you, wave hello, smile and know that the small choices we make, are often the ones that make a big difference.



Pictured here are two of our junior models; Amelia and Beasju. What started as a fun photoshoot for our beautiful printed dresses by Mata Traders, ended up blossoming into a life-changing friendship.


BEES PLEASE! April 12 2017




Our fuzzy little pollinators are struggling to stay healthy and happy. The bumblebee population has decreased more than 90% across its range in the northeastern and mid western U.S, due to habitat loss and agricultural pesticides. The Rusty-patched Bumblebee was officially added to the endangered species list as of February 10th and you can help bring them back!

 The Green Light store owner, Sabrina Smith, and her family have been doing all they can by rehabilitating the struggling bees that buzz to their home by providing them sugar water and they make sure to avoid harmful gardening supplies. (see photo)

 Remember, as dandelions may not be your favorite blossom, they supply food to bees early in the spring. There are many other ways to help such as buying local, raw honey (from hives that are not treated with chemicals.) and don't forget to spread the word! 

Less dandelions= less bumbles.

For more information on the rusty-patched bumblebee visit: 

Why are bees so important? click link to find out!

and for more ways to help save them click this link:





Back To School- Lunch September 01 2016

Summer is fading and it’s back to school for your little ones!

We have some wonderful tools to help make preparation a little easier. New Planet Box stainless steel lunch boxes with optional food compartments (2,4 &5.) These highly durable and easy to clean boxes are decorated with fun magnets that your babes can switch to customize. We also offer stainless steel forks and spoons, water bottles and icepacks from Planet Box.

Some of our favorite accessories include Stow and go collapsible food containers, stackable snack containers by Re Play ( recycled from milk cartons!) ,  little green pouches- perfect for yogurt, apple sauces & fruit purees (these babies are eco-friendly, durable, reusable, BPA free and dishwasher safe!)

A great alternative option to our Planet Boxes are the Bento box inserts and cases. Colorful compartments to mix and match for our insulated Bentology lunch box or any other case that catches your childrens’ eye!

We love back to school, full bellies and safe kiddos.

-The Green Light