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Local Wallets and Earrings by Up Line! March 22 2019

Missoula is a bike friendly community. Our pedal-powered commuters and mountain bike enthusiasts go through plenty of tubes from rolling the street to ripping the dirt. Up Line takes advantage of this plentiful resource by making eco-friendly products from recycled inner tubes!

Donovan Peterson, founder of Up Line, repurposes used bike inner tubes, creating wallets, earrings, bracelets and more. He began this company right here in Missoula ten years ago! He also has his own store on the Hip Strip called Upcycled, which also provides a location for other upcycle craftspeople to display their products or purchase these items guilt-free. At our location in downtown Missoula, we carry the wallets and earrings.

Up Line wallets bring the inner tube out of the tire and into your pocket with plenty of designs to outfit any style. The flexible bike tube allows for easy access to your cards and will stretch if you need to stuff a few more business cards into the fold. The rubber wallets are sticky enough to hold onto your cards but not so sticky that they resist extraction.

We also carry Up Line earrings which are delicately crafted into neat designs. The earrings are light and you will barely notice them dangling from your lobes. The black canvas is large enough to stand out and will compliment any outfit. Show love for your two-wheeled friends and conscious commuters by hanging a tasteful tube creation from your ears.

We love carrying local vendors from our beautiful but hold a special place in our store’s veins for those who ply their trade in Missoula. We get many shipments personally delivered and have direct contact with the owners and artisans who contribute these products to our store, community and visitors alike.

Punctured tubes tend to be tossed aside only to be replaced by another that will ultimately realize the same demise. It is amazing to think that something as seemingly useless as a punctured bicycle inner tube could be used for anything else. Donovan doesn’t only encourage green and environmental business practices but he also inspires us to live sustainably and look at trash differently. Support local business and support green business; do both by buying Up Line products!