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Keep Your Skin Happy with Velvet Creek Artisanal Soap! March 25 2019

The smells you smell when entering our store is a delightful combination of lotions, candles and soaps. Your nose may drift into sudden fit of sniffing in order to take in as much of the pleasantness that lingers in the air. We carry a few different brands of soaps that are naturally made and void of chemicals and preservatives that are harmful not only to your skin but to the environment too. Velvet Creek Artisanal Soaps are some of our favorite and will have your skin handsomely hydrated even during the coldest, driest months of winter. Make sure your skin is ready for the increase in sun exposure by rubbing these beautiful bars all over your body.

Velvet Creek is a company based out of Bozeman, Montana and we are proud to be carrying their body lotions and beard oils as well, but we'll save that for another post; this one is all about the soap. Their artisanal soaps use sustainable palm oil as a base, an ingredient that benefits your skin in a multitude of ways. The vitamins and minerals in this incredible oil will moisturize, nourish, clean and protect your skin. 

These soaps are all handmade from scratch with the 100% vegan ingredient list rounded out by other outstanding elements such as olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, avocado butter and jojoba. The above ingredients are common among all of the varieties with mica minerals, essential oils, fragrance oils, iron oxides, herbs and botanicals being used to make each batch unique.

Cold-process soaps are never heated up during the blending procedure and are left to cure for up to six weeks. Their website is almost sold out of all the varieties but you can still get them at our store! We have Grapefruit + Lily, Autumn Fig, Montana Huckleberry, Tobacco + Bay Leaf, Blackberry Sage, Lemon Drop Kisses, Coconut + Lemongrass, Black Amber + Lavender, Northern Cedar, Seaside, and Exfoliating Gardener's Bar all in stock but we don't expect them to last long. Come by, admire the finished product and give 'em a sniff for yourself!