Kid's Winter Activities March 04 2014

Fun winter activities for the kids!

After witnessing the crazy amounts of snow that we’ve been pummeled with, here are some fun ways to take advantage of the aftermath!

Snow Globes

Items needed:  regular blow-up balloons, food coloring, freezing weather!

This is a simple activity, but the finished product is fun, colorful and decorative.  Fill multiple balloons with water to your desired size.  Before tying off, squirt food coloring into the balloon.  After tying the balloons, place them outside overnight so that they can freeze (may take a little longer depending on the temperature).  When the entire balloon is frozen, cut away the balloon.  You are now left with a beautiful and bright ice globe!

Snow Paint

Items needed:  empty spray bottles, water, food coloring, and snow!

Just mix the water and food coloring in the spray bottles, go outside, and let the snow be your canvas!