Our Wonderful Staff June 08 2016

Sabrina (Queen Bee):

Sabrina is the Queen Bee you might say. And not because she will sting you, but because she runs this place and we all worship her and bring her sweet things to eat. She lives a busy life, full of kids, dogs, eating berries, chickens, gardening, and running a business. She has a weakness for local artists and anything relating to Montana or Montana themed items.

She is currently the one who looks like she is smuggling a watermelon under her shirt. But she is no fruit stealer (that we know of), she is in the process of growing a person to add to her collection of wonderful humans.

Sabrina has a habit of oversharing personal information with complete strangers. She is often talking about her kid’s diapers, the status of her digestive system, or how much she likes the color grey. It’s all quite shocking.

She likes dirt, Montana, family, and eating. Her favorite thing recently is feeling the human inside of her do jazz hands.


Maggie (Giggle Bug):

Maggie is a self-proclaimed weirdo. She is the manager here at The Green Light, but she is also a full time friend to anyone who knows her. She likes to cut things out of other things and use glue to glue them onto other things. She also plays with paint and glitter, a lot. You can often find her singing in the shower or dancing to no music.

Maggie comes from a large family, so she is good at sharing and laughing at awkward situations. Her friends often say that she talks a lot, but she is also ok at listening.

In her free time she likes to snuggle, rock climb, play hide and go seek in the woods, and cook and eat gluten free food.


Lauren (Zoo Bug):

This is Lauren, she is a student at the university studying to be an English Teacher and also a professional sweetheart. She considers herself a musician, meaning she likes to hang out in the marching band holding a saxophone filled with marshmallows. She also can play the ukulele and sing along at the same time.

The most bizarre thing about Laruen is that she is a triplet, but none of them look alike so we all think it’s a scam. Her and her “siblings” were born near Vancouver, Washington. They moved to Montana a bit ago, and they don’t plan on leaving. Which is great, because we really like her.

In Lauren’s free time (when she’s not here at The Green Light, or in the Grizzly Marching Band), she likes to blow up Instagram with adorable photos, and she also likes to force her adoration onto cats.



 Erika (Lady Bug):

Ya know that feeling you get when you open a crisp Ginger Ale and you inhale the bubbles up your nose and it kinda tickles and stings, but also leaves a nice refreshing impression? That is exactly how Erika makes us feel. Full of life, and carbonation… and ginger.

She is one of those lucky people who was born and raised here in Montana. Because of this she is really good at fighting bears, and alligators for some strange reason.

She likes to shoot people, children, and dogs. With her camera, obviously. She often finds herself in hilariously weird situations, but she is good at making it worse, and then finding the humor. When Erika is not taking beautiful photos she is probably hanging out with her dog, in the mud. She believes in exploring, butter, mountains, and talking with her hands.