About The Green Light

First opened in August of 2008, The Green Light went through several changes, but kept its initial vision in check.  During June of 2010, the boutique moved into a primo location on one of the busiest corners in downtown Missoula.  The Green Light is Missoula’s premiere eco-boutique and healthy living department store.  It is a welcoming establishment that encourages a lifestyle that is friendly to your body, the earth, and supports the local community.  At The Green Light, our friendly staff strives to educate customers on responsible consumerism and empower them to make better choices.  We are proud to carry products made from sustainable, eco-friendly or recycled materials and ingredients.  We offer several desirable and functional Fair Trade products, and fill the demand for at-home cooking, entertaining, pampering and gift-giving.  In addition, we proudly represent nearly 50 local designers, artisans and craftspeople, making our store your destination for Montana gifts and apparel.

The Green Light was voted Best Green Business in the Best of Missoula Awards in 2011 (conducted by the Missoula Independent), and was voted Green Business of the year in the Missoula’s Choice Awards in 2011 and 2012 (conducted by the Missoulian). Between 2013 and 2017, The Green Light got several "Best Of" awards in multiple categories including: Women's apparel, kid's apparel, home goods, gifts and best place for local products in both the Missoula Independent and the Missoulian.

The store has evolved and grown in leaps and bounds, and is now a well-known establishment in downtown Missoula.  The Green Light has also been considered a destination spot for out-of-town and out-of-state visitors looking for hip and unique Montana-made gifts and souvenirs.  The Green Light, soon to be your new favorite store!


The Owner

Sabrina Smith is an optimistic woman with an inviting smile.  She is excited about all the good things she sees emerging in her life and is constantly manifesting joy and success for those around her.   Her dream boutique started back in 2006 after working as a Mercantile Buyer at a popular organic grocery store in Missoula.  She constantly heard customer demands for organic sheets, hemp shower curtains, quality juicers, and stylish eco-friendly clothing.  Sabrina thought it would be awesome to have a one-stop shop that included all of these items.  After a year ½ long stint in Portland, Oregon, she gladly moved back to Missoula in the summer of 2008 and opened The Green Light.  Sabrina believes that the store sheds light on how easy it can be to live more sustainably and healthy while giving back to the community through supporting local artists, designers, companies, and non-profit organizations.

Sabrina resides just outside Missoula with her husband, three young children, two chocolate labs, gray tabby cat, and 15 chickens!  They enjoy riding bikes on their property, walking along the stream, gardening, and picking fruit from their variety of trees every summer.